The EBtech Mission


For over 20 years, Earth Bio Technologies (EBtech) has successfully addressed facility maintenance challenges for commercial food service operators with innovative, ecological and sustainable solutions. Our focus on biological remediation of drain systems for fats, oils and grease (FOG) has grown to include bio-formulas for sugars in beverage lines, lift station preventive maintenance, aeration systems for proactive grease trap management, and proprietary products for solids prevention in commercial drain systems.

Our mission is to enhance environmental initiatives, improve operations through prevention, and return bottom-line savings to our clients who drive the food service industry.


Solution Spotlight

ScrapTrapper - A Best Management Practice for drain backup prevention

The ScrapTrapper is a solids strainer that captures food scrap waste before it can clog in the drain or load up in the grease trap. Located at the triple sink or pre-rinse area, Scrap Trapper easily separates and collects the biggest contributor to drain pain - grease laden, wet food waste. Made from durable HDPE plastic and a stainless strainer drawer, ScrapTrapper is affordably priced, easy to install, and saves money ongoing by preventing emergency drain services. It may even extend grease trap cleaning for greater savings. Check out ScrapTrapper for your kitchen or food service facility, today.

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